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  • Thank you for your presentation today on "The Power of Communication and the Art of Negotiation." Your seminar was enlightening and gave me a different perspective to use in my sales effort for "The Hollywood Gazette." You are the polished, quintessential vision of professionalism! In a geographical area that too often has "sand in its shoes" you stand out like a bright star!

    The Hollywood Gazette
  • I wanted to thank you for today and the insight that you gave me. I know that you must sell on what the customer’s needs are and that’s only when you find out what they are. It was a learning experience to see how you got Leslie to say their problem is with odors. I still get tunnel vision and I would have thought they are worried about germs and keeping their customers healthy so they keep coming back. Nothing speaks like money, so I have to remember how to tell them it will make them money. As I mentioned I have drank the kool aid I dedicated myself to continual sales learning. Reading every morning, and listening to any audio programs in my car and at work. Thanks again for an enlightening me at your Sales Mastermind Workshop.

    Jeff Luckey
    Germ Pros
  • I have been coached by Triton for my business and man did they open a new door in understanding how I need to operate, set goals and achieve what I want. You should seriously go and learn from these business masters.

    Aaron, President
    VMA Studios
  • TRITON's classes have really helped me grow professionally. I have been able to interact with other business owners facing similar issues. It's a great opportunity for us to tackle these issues and collectively come up with ideas on how we can overcome them. The seminars and group Mastermind classes have been truly valuable to my professional growth! Thank you TRITON.

    Christine, Owner
    Planet Beach Contempo Spa, Plantation, FL.
  • Dear Jan: What a wonderful educational seminar you delivered today for our Hollywood Chamber businesses! Truly remarkable and now I see why you have such a great reputation! Thank you Jan for an exceptional delivery of an outstanding product! Your team, Rob and Ally, have been outstanding to work with as well and I am even more excited now about this partnership than ever before. Thank you!

    Anne Hotte
    Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
  • Triton is an amazing company, There promise is double your profits in 2014 and that is more then true, After reviewing my first quarter numbers my company ETK Enterprises have already matched my entire last years sales numbers, Thank you Triton sales team with an extra thanks to Jan Wild who had coached me into putting my business on track to attaining amazing sales this year and into the future.

    Shawn Rossbach
    ETK Enterprises
  • "I wanted to take the time to personal thank you for your involvement in our success. The Leadership workshop worked out better than expected. Our team has been re-engaged and motivated by your ideas. They have all come to me one on one and thanked me for investing in them. The overall process was informing and very valuable. I would strongly recommend your workshops to anyone with growth in mind. I look forward to our next workshop."

    Mike A.
    Game Time
  • Dear Jan, I would like to thank you for taking the time to share some of your enthusiasm, talent and wisdom with our group at Back on Track last night. The presentation was excellent and all of us who had the privilege to attend learned something to help us in our journey. Again, thank you for helping our group to grow. I will let you know some tentative dates for the moderator training we discussed. All the Best,

    Timothy Walton
    Back on Track, St. Bonaventure