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TRITON was a mythological god. When ancient sea vessels, in a world of opportunity were lost at sea, praying for a solution to help guide them home, it was TRITON who helped them find their way. He did so by creating large waves and lifting the ships to heights they were unable to reach on their own. This is exactly what we do! TRITON helps lost companies find their way, by empowering Sales and business professionals to reach heights they’ve never experienced on their own. We do this by applying the “Triton Theory”.

The TRITON Theory provides Executives, Managers, and Employees practices that drive behavior toward achieving the highest levels of both individual and organizational performance. The TRITON Theory is a proven system designed to resolve your company’s issues and reward you with greater levels of success through a unique three step process:

We Assess

Minimize Employee turnover with scientific assessment tools proven for over 25 years. Duplicate Top Performers by identifying key characteristics that drive success. Replace emotional hiring with scientific behavioral analysis. Diagnose strengths and weaknesses of sales and management talent. Discover leaders within your organization.

We Customize

Would you trust a doctor who only used one medication to cure all his patients? Canned training is outdated. Your company is unique, and deserves unique attention. We will create custom presentations, activities, and techniques designed specifically for your organization. Increase learning and retention of your executives, managers, and employees. Eliminate weaknesses within your organization by focusing on factors that limit productivity. Design effective organizational strategies to surpass expectations and accomplish goals.

We Empower

Educate your employees with valuable information designed to inspire positive performance. Strengthen the leadership within your management team to promote constant growth. Inspire communication within your organization to avoid conflicts with indifference. Create high performance sales teams to achieve success on an elite level. engage your employees with a motivational experience conducted only by TRITON.

TRITON can help your organization and deliver powerful results only to be surpassed by the Greek Gods.

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