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Communication Essentials


Communication Essentials

As you meet more and more people in your life you will either find it more difficult or easier to communicate with another person. When you are in a business environment it is more likely to communicate with a large amount of individuals often. For some, it comes natural to speak to another person and have no issue with keeping a conversation going. On the other hand, not everyone is capable of holding a conversation. Having a few essential communication skills can prepare you for your next luncheon, business meeting, leadership conference, networking event, etc.

Before becoming a good communicator, it is important to understand the basics of communication itself. Communication is the process of showing signals and messages between on person to another in various different methods such as verbal and un-verbal mediums. Communication is important for the foundation of a healthy, growing business or social relationship. If you are communicating with someone it is important to speak your mind and use your voice to your advantage. In the business world it’s extremely important to be honest and speak up when you don’t agree with something. There is no problem in practicing communication. Communication skills begin with simple interactions and eventually will become more refined and professional. Making eye contact with the person or people you are speaking to is also important. It makes them more engaged and more likely to actually listen to what you are saying.

When speaking feel free to add gestures. If you are speaking to a small crowd use smaller gestures and if you are speaking to a large group, you can add more. Be sure to have the gestures reflect the message you are trying to deliver.

Like mentioned before, communication is not just with verbal words. Body language plays a huge part in communication. Arms crossed and shoulders hunched can come off as unwillingly to speak to. You would’t appear approachable and that can hurt you from talking to a potential client. Having an appropriate posture is more welcoming to a stranger that you will be in a new business setting.

All in all, a good speaker is a great listener. Make sure to think before you speak and use proper grammar. Big words aren’t always the right words to say. Allow feedback during conversation and use an appropriate volume according to your setting.


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