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How to Get Referrals Without Asking for Them


What is a referral? A referral is the act of directing a potential client to a professional or company for further action to be taken place. Basically, someone else is recommending your expertise, product, or service to someone they know.

Step 1: Pinpoint your ideal client. Most companies do not know exactly their ideal client really is and that can pose to be a very big issue. They usually view anyone who can pay for their product as their target market and this can possibly be detrimental when it comes to using referrals to bring in new clients. Have an explicit idea of who you see benefitting the most from your business, who you wish to work with, and who you will gain the most profit from.

Step 2: Make referring your company easy. It is essential to remember that the person who is referring you is under a lot of pressure of hoping that you live up to the hype that was said about you. In the case of a successful meeting, all parties are winners, but in the case of a sales meeting ending poorly, you lost a client and are at risk for losing more clients. This potential dilemma can be avoided by substituting a sales meeting with a referral kit…..

Step 3: Nurture promoters. Instead of relying on the too-slow method of 1-by-1 referrals you’re used to, teach your referral partners how to become “promoters” for you and your company. This can ensure that your target audience will be physically reached out to. Many companies even decide to completely stay away from print and internet ads and rely solely on the publicity their trained promoters.

Step 4: Turn referrals into your clients. The old, 1-by-1 way to refer clients focused on those individuals who were seeking out something you and your company were offering. These referrals happened by chance and had less of a likelihood of becoming successful connections. By, maintaining a list of future clients and using your promoters to reach out to them in various ways, you can stay ahead of the game and gain clients before they take it upon themselves to seek out your product or services. This way, by planning ahead instead of scrambling for prospective clients at the last minute, you can guarantee the future success of your company.


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