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Investing in Your Business, Employees, and Yourself Through Sales Training


Do you find yourself motivated only by the heavy dose of caffeine you had earlier? Is your staff skilled in the art of loitering? Do you find it difficult to find the drive to get through the day? How can you invest in your company to make it want to invest its time and effort for the betterment of the organization? How did people like Steve Jobs or Walt Disney drive their companies to prosperity?

Through sales training, you can learn, as a business owner, to drive your company as a whole to invest itself in its future. The three aspects of sales training are knowledge training, skill training, and attitude training. Today’s tidbit will be focused on the attitude aspect of sales training, as it is often overlooked and workers are left with negative views toward the company. The following tips can help you get on the right track to turning you and your company’s attitude around:

  • Hire the right people for the job: In using behavioral interviewing instead of the typical traditional interview, you are more likely to find people whose personalities and characters will match what you are looking for to better your business.
  • Set clear expectations: Communication is key. Make sure employees understand exactly what is expected of them regarding work and behavioral guidelines. That way, everyone knows exactly what his/her job, why he/she is doing it, and how he/she should act when performing their tasks.
  • Delegate employees to be a part of the solution: When people feel a sense of responsibility in a task that needs to be done, they feel important and are more likely to be accountable.
  • Hold each other accountable: When managing supervisors and other delegating employees, it is your duty to make sure that they are reminding the appropriate employees of deadlines. You and your supervising employees also need to be as accessible and approachable with any questions or issues that may arise.
  • Have patience: We are human. We make mistakes and it may take some time for us to learn a certain skill. Save yourself and your company tension and go with the flow.
  • Share information: When everyone is kept in the loop, they can better understand the situation of the company and their coworkers and sympathize in good times and times of crisis. This makes them feel as if they are directly connected to the company and are more likely to be loyal and work above and beyond for your organization.
  • Share the revenue with your team: You did not do the work alone. In giving the deserved credit to your team, you are establishing loyalty, raising morale, and driving your team to invest themselves with your company in the long run.

Triton Theory will be offering an informative webinar series launching this September to further elaborate with those of us who are just beginning a company, or even have an established business. Triton Theory will focus on the knowledge, skill, and attitude training, as well as all the other aspects needed to institute and run a successful sales operation. There is always room for improvement and in providing the proper sales training for yourselves and your employees early on, you will be investing in a strong foundation for your company to grow.



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