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Program’s that Improve Employee Performance – Hype or Fact?


Employee Performance Training, Is it Worth It?

It would depend upon who you ask and the method employed. Indeed, organizations that benefit from performance improvement programs start as hopeful disciples, but eventually become evangelists. Unfortunately, not all programs get long-term results. A frequent complaint among executives is not that improvement programs fail to get results, they do get results; however, the results are not sustained. The explanation for this difference…spaced repetition.

Spaced Repetition

For whatever the reason, there is a frequently held misconception regarding how performance improvement should occur. Many executives have concluded that improvement programs should be a “one-and-done” process. However, there is no evidence that supports this methodology in any of life’s rigors. Whether driving a car, playing an instrument, learning math or language arts, they all take sustained repetition to achieve proficiency and mastery. The great masters of sports and entertainment spend countless hours performing repetitive exercises to hone their talents. The repetitive process is paramount in becoming “best-of-breed.” So why should individual and organizational improvement be any different?

Triton Theroy, a South Florida based company, specializes in training personnel to increase performance and productivity. Call us at: (954) 376-3767 to discuss the possibilities.

What Factors Contribute to High Performance in an Organization?


High-Performing Organizations

Why do some companies outperform others by so much? What do they know that others don’t? How did Southwest Airlines find a way to make a profit after the tragic events following September 11, when every other airline lost money? Can any company ever hope to innovate like Apple?

While the questions vary, the underlying secret to every success is the same – it’s the investment in people. “Best of breed” organizations start with a superior strategy and ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned to that strategy. In actuality, it is not a secret but a mindset that needs to start at the top.

High-performance organizations exploit (in a good way) their people. They understand the importance of talent being developed and the impact that good leadership has on achieving superior results. The characteristics and traits of the high-performance organization include:

  • Teaching others how to facilitate problem solving
  • Using effective delegation to maximize resources and time
  • Acknowledge that mistakes are an important aspect of creation and a vital part of the learning process
  • Teach others to become goal-setting leaders
  • Develop technical confidence and proficiency to enhance organizational strengths
  • Foster an environment of : “You can do it”
  • Being a quality coach
  • Support others as a helpful, approachable resource
  • Provide cohesion – linking team to broader organizational initiatives
  • Using systems to bridge barriers
  • Being tough and clear about a few key objectives and initiatives
  • Provide straight forward directions and principles, without contradiction

The organization which fails to reach its full-potential is less effective in its leadership and employee/resource management. The senior leadership often believes that all decisions must come from the top in a command and control or direct and do style of management. The characteristics which define this type of organization include:

  • Solve problems for others; being the “answer man” for almost every situation
  • Not delegating; believing you have to do it yourself “If you want something done right…”
  • Over-directing and micro-managing
  • Setting arbitrarily and unrealistic goals, and without input form the team
  • Believing that only senior management has the intelligence to know;  experting it: “You can’t do it without me”
  • Being the sole judge and jury regarding all issues
  • Being omnipotent and playing the “God” role
  • Creating domains and turf ownership, which lead to a politically charged environment
  • Being overly dependent on detailed policies

Triton Theroy, a South Florida based company,  specializes in training personnel to increase performance and productivity. Call us at: (954) 376-3767 to discuss the possibilities.

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