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This is the first of many tips that I will be sharing that has allowed me to transform thousands of ordinary sales talent into outstanding high performing sales talent. These tips have driven sales teams and generated exceptional growth for many hundreds of organizations. It is my pleasure to share my 30 years of successful sales and management coaching and training knowledge with you.

Reduce the stress handling objections

In every sales presentation each product and service has specific objections and some general objections which we hear all the time. Some general objections might be “I have to wait for my partner or my husband /wife” “to approve up the deal” telling you either I am not authorized to make the decision or you didn’t educate me enough to make a decision. Another general objection might be “Send me information to read” which could mean kill me some trees and get off my phone or out of my office or I really have the need to read (yes it is true that some people are visual) in which case ask for an appointment to review the information with the prospect to validate the prospects objectives. Do not just send the information without a commitment from your prospect to review the collateral, proposal etc. at a specific time.

There are rebuttals that handle general objections and rebuttals that handle specific objections. I speak to thousands of sales persons and very few actually spend the time to master the rebuttals to their objections. It’s not like you here an objection and say: wow! I never heard that before”. Every industry has 5-7 objections that are asked all the time. So why doesn’t a sales person who wants to close more deals master those rebuttals and redirecting the prospect back toward the checkbook? It blows my mind how most sales persons don’t invest the time in learning the keys to closing the deal.

So if you can’t invest the time in mastering your rebuttals and still want to remain in sales, (which I ask myself why); I am going to give you an additional tip. Here it comes….Ready; Try to reduce the objections you presently receive by delivering your sales message correct the first time. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Remember objections are just pleas from your prospect to help them make a decision to purchase your product. They are telling you that your sales presentation was poor. So how do we deliver a better message? Most of the time inexperienced or under skilled sales talent forget that the sales process is only “delivering an intelligent message so a prospect can make an intelligent buying decision”. The presentation / message must be delivered after qualifying the prospect for their needs and wants and then responding with information that satisfies those wants and needs.

The presentation must have a message that includes the value of your product and that value must be clear to the prospect. Most sales persons have stroked themselves so much that they believe their product is perfect for everyone and thus the price is justified. Not true. Value is perceived in the eyes of your prospect. If they see value in your product they will reduce or eliminate any objections to your presentation which will shorten the sales process and allow you to close more deals. Of course if you don’t show the value to your product and or services to your prospect, your sale process will also be shortened but without a sale.

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