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Writing a Proposal


What is a proposal and when do I need to write it? Business proposals are probably the most crucial step in the complex sales process. A successful proposal results in a sale, a win-win situation, where both parties get what they want. It is important to consider who will be reading this proposal and the information that person is aware of before being presented with it. Include facts that will prove your company to be a reputable, honest organization with strong work ethic and consideration for its consumers. Consider the following tips when creating your ideal proposal:

Short Company Background/Statement of Need-  What values does your organization hold close to home? State the values your company has, as well as its qualities and successes of it that adds to its credibility. A statement of need establishes the focus for the potential transaction or relationship.

Scope of Work/Deliverables to be Provided- What services or products does your company provide? How will this help your potential client? Be specific in describing your organization’s scope of work. State what makes it better than others like it and also what makes it stand out.

Delivery Date/ Timelines/ Due Dates- Depending on what services your company provides, elaborate on your attention to detail and timeliness. Professionalism is key to any organization and in your organization, courtesy, and respect for due dates, your success as a company will draw potential buyers, clients, and enhance your integrity, as well.

After-Sales Support/ Tech Support- Having access to extra service beyond the day of purchase is reassuring to the consumer and more appealing to the potential buyer. Someone will be more inclined to accept your proposal if you show that you will go above and beyond in your service and have faith in the outcome of your work.

Return Policy/ Warranties/ Satisfaction- Does your Company have any of these? This is an extremely relevant and sometimes deciding factor when it comes to working with another organization. Offering something like free returns, a satisfaction guarantee, or a certain amount of time warranty can enhance the value and/or credibility of the

Acceptance/ Date Thank the potential client for their time and mention a perfect time for this proposal to become a reality, i.e. before the holiday rush, before summer break, etc.. and state the why this would be an ideal time to collaborate. Thank the reader for their time and how you look forward to their response.

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What Motivates Your Team?


What motivates your valuable team members? It is important to find out what drives them to be the best they can be and work to their fullest potential. Different things motivate different people. If you find that your team is stuck in a plateau of motivation and productivity, it is important to inspire them so that you on the same page as to what your organization needs to become bigger and better.

The only way to be able to decipher what motivates who is to ask your team members what you can do in order to stimulate them and move your company into the future. It is the first proper step to take instead of investing time and capital into a potential solution that may or may not work.

You decided that you are going to physically ask your employees what motivates them, but there are countless ways you can do so. It is imperative to ask this crucial question of them in a way that will get the message of needed motivation across in an accurate way. It must also be executed without possibly offending the employee or making him/her feel uncomfortable.




1. Send a Survey– Google Forms and other similar survey applications are extremely efficient and user-friendly ways to have team participation. Employees can simply choose from options or suggest their own in regards to voting on what can motivate them and/or the whole team. It is essential to be specific in asking what exactly animates them to move towards a goal in your company. The only downside there can be is that this method can be less personal than any other face to face method.

2. Schedule a Group Meeting– This way, a team can meet in an official work setting and are aware that productivity will be the goal of the meeting. Brainstorming and ideas can be discussed and a potential motivator can be determined. The subject of motivation can even be proposed during a routine work meeting. Team members are also more likely to feel more comfortable speaking about this subject when collaborating with fellow employees.

3. Schedule 1 to 1 Meetings– Having a casual meeting in which you completely describe the feedback you are trying to receive from the team can be extremely effective. You can establish an open line of connection by doing this that will strengthen relationships with your employees in the future. The only downside to this method may be that the employee met feel intimidated and as if you are expecting a certain answer from them.

What your Mission Statement Says About You


What is a mission statement, exactly, and why do we need one? It is one of the four primary characteristics of a successful organization. It helps define who your organization is in addressing your company’s purpose, business goals, and values. These three statements should make up your mission statement and help to thoroughly characterize who you and your company are and what your goals are, as well:

Purpose Statement– What does your organization seek to accomplish? What do you want the ultimate result of your work to be? Why does this company exist? This shows that you know exactly where you are headed and are focused.

A purpose statement also typically includes these two phrases:

  • A problem or condition to be changed is identified.
  • A statement, such as to decrease, to increase, to eliminate, to prevent, etc..

Business Statement– This outlines the programs or activities your organization does in order to execute its purpose. What is your company going to do to accomplish your purpose?

Often the phrase “to provide” is used when creating a business statement with the addition of “through” or “by”. Make sure to only include the ideas that are the most important and vital to your company’s purpose. This shows that you are goal seeking and shows exactly what you will do in order to accomplish your goal.

Values Statement– What values do you and the people you hire have in common? What is the core to your organization’s beliefs? This will guide you in aspects from your every day endeavors, to when your company is struggling and needs a guiding light. Showing your values in your mission statement shows that you work for the people instead of yourself, which builds trust and credibility.

Some of these values may include, for example:

  • Diversity
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Dedication to excellent services.. etc.

Aside from the three statements mentioned above as to what should make up your mission statement, it is wise to ask yourself the following:

  • What makes you and your company stand out from the rest and be unique in its quality, services, etc…?
  • What need or problem is your organization trying to solve or address?
  • Who benefits from the outcome of your work, and why are they important?

In establishing a strong mission statement, your company can spearhead into a future of productivity, satisfaction, and overall morale. Your potential employees will see that you are a business first, know exactly what you stand for before considering working for you, and determine whether or not he/she and your company are a proper match. Your current employees will find the drive and motivation they need in order to provide the most adequate service for you and your clients while establishing a strong relationship with your organization.