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Establishing and Developing Rapport


What is rapport? Rapport is a harmonious and close relationship between two parties (in this case, a client and a company) that are concerned with each other’s wants and needs and communicate well. How do you become a trusted communicator to increase your clients’ trust in you and your company as a whole? In investing in your business, the transparency and trustworthiness between the client and the organization should be considered as building client rapport is like an investment in your sales future. Buyers and clients will place their trust and their funds with someone who they can depend on.

There are four phases of client trust and rapport development techniques you must examine and learn to use with prospective and new clients, alike. Client rapport will grow with ongoing account relationships when you learn to create a plan t0 be able to sustain client rapport in the future. In completing Triton Theory’s Four Phases you will be able to establish and build rapport in the following ways:

  • This trust or rapport building begins with the first ever contract with a perspective client. The earliest stage of a selling process is the most crucial as the actions you make will show a customer a considerable amount about your organizational style and skills, commitment to follow-through, and your temperament. Create a positive environment with potential and new customers so that you can establish a strong relationship with them. This creates customer loyalty and a desire for you and them to excel. You will be able to convert potential prospects who should be doing business with you into champion representations of your organization.
  • With accounts that are already established and running, your environment is constantly changing, as your company should be, as well. You shouldn’t feel comfortable enough to satisfy everyone’s needs as needs are constantly changing, as well. Communication is key. It advances and enhances the abilities of individuals and organizations to speak their minds and listen to feel supported and given value to. You will have the consistent ability to build solid relationships of respect and trust both in and out of your organization.

When completing all of these four modes, you and therefore, your whole organization, will be able to:

  • Create and develop trusting client relationships
  • Enhance rapport with existing and older accounts
  • Establish and build rapport with new accounts

In establishing rapport for you, your clients, and your organization, you will be able to move your clients, your company and your employees into a future of advancement and profitability.