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The Truth About Sales


Truth is that everyone possesses different qualities, hobbies and interests. In Sales, for instance, we often encounter different types of personalities and in order to understand them, we must dig deeper into the customers mind. Writer at Selling Power Magazine, Rod Nichols, states that “people operate primarily in four different personalities: Analytical, Driver, Amiable and Expressive”. Learning how to effectively work with all four personality types, one can conceivably close 99-100 percent of your sales.

Wouldn’t it be great to establish a warm relationship with your customer that will eventually lead to a boost in Sales?buysell

Let’s take a look at each personality type and how we can go about their personality when trying to close a sale.

Analytical personalities tend to be thinkers, quiet and introverts. They appreciate detailed facts, seek to reach the bottom of things and seem to work best independently. “Mathematicians and philosophers tend to belong to this type of personality”. Given the fact that they are not much of a risk taker, Sales Representatives should be cautious when offering products outside of the norm.

On the other hand, a Driver likes to derive straight to an answer. They always feel limited with their time and always seem to be busy. Immediate results and the need for power are vital to an individual with a driver personality. You can come across this personality type in individuals like Henry Ford I and Charles Lindbergh. With this type of controlling and hostile personality, selling becomes a bit more difficult. In order to cope around this individuals’ obstinacy, one must focus on ‘scarcity’. Drivers are used to winning, therefore, if they are shown what they stand to lose, the sale might be moved to action.

Amiable individuals enjoy building relationships and sometimes need a push from others when making a decision. Allowing them to include others in decisions, helping them make a decision and reassuring them regularly are definitely ways of dealing with this type of personality. Given the fact that they are passive, try to allow plenty of time for a conversation without the need of rushing.

The expressive groups are known as the dreamers. You can quickly identify this personality by their creativity. They like to plan ahead and make quick decisions. If you confront this type of personality when selling, present to them the “big picture”. They can be emotional—perhaps recognize them as being important. By showing them testimonials and some sort of proof, you can reassure them of the decision they have made.

All in all, “recognizing personality types and being capable of working with them at their level will make selling more fun, help you reach your sales goals, and have a very positive impact on your income”.

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