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Writing a Proposal


What is a proposal and when do I need to write it? Business proposals are probably the most crucial step in the complex sales process. A successful proposal results in a sale, a win-win situation, where both parties get what they want. It is important to consider who will be reading this proposal and the information that person is aware of before being presented with it. Include facts that will prove your company to be a reputable, honest organization with strong work ethic and consideration for its consumers. Consider the following tips when creating your ideal proposal:

Short Company Background/Statement of Need-  What values does your organization hold close to home? State the values your company has, as well as its qualities and successes of it that adds to its credibility. A statement of need establishes the focus for the potential transaction or relationship.

Scope of Work/Deliverables to be Provided- What services or products does your company provide? How will this help your potential client? Be specific in describing your organization’s scope of work. State what makes it better than others like it and also what makes it stand out.

Delivery Date/ Timelines/ Due Dates- Depending on what services your company provides, elaborate on your attention to detail and timeliness. Professionalism is key to any organization and in your organization, courtesy, and respect for due dates, your success as a company will draw potential buyers, clients, and enhance your integrity, as well.

After-Sales Support/ Tech Support- Having access to extra service beyond the day of purchase is reassuring to the consumer and more appealing to the potential buyer. Someone will be more inclined to accept your proposal if you show that you will go above and beyond in your service and have faith in the outcome of your work.

Return Policy/ Warranties/ Satisfaction- Does your Company have any of these? This is an extremely relevant and sometimes deciding factor when it comes to working with another organization. Offering something like free returns, a satisfaction guarantee, or a certain amount of time warranty can enhance the value and/or credibility of the

Acceptance/ Date Thank the potential client for their time and mention a perfect time for this proposal to become a reality, i.e. before the holiday rush, before summer break, etc.. and state the why this would be an ideal time to collaborate. Thank the reader for their time and how you look forward to their response.

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